DJ Short Mike

DJ Short Mike

Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance Hall

Friday 10pm – 3am GMT

DJ Short Mike is a Bronx native however jamaican background started Off Playing his first school Party In 1984 which was when He acquired his skills In actually playing For patrons    Dj Short Mike learned his turntable Skills from Dj solo Fr the valley which back In the day went by the name of Cut Master Jay

Now remember Dj Short Mike already had obtained Turntable skills from before working in Moodies Records it was in Moodies Records Dj Short Mike began to appreciate Reggae Music plus a wide variety of genres of music Now Dj Short Mike is bumping heads and not to mention learning from Downbeat, Afrique, Tippatone, Atomic,Addies & other popular Ny sound systems in the area not to mention Dj Short Mike was responsable for all Cassettes in Moodies Records every single Sound that ever existed in Reggae Music history came through Moodies Records and thats how Dj Short Mike learned the tunes and increased the love for music

Now when you combine the skill he started working in Moodies Records with you create a music machine  and thats what Dj Short Mike is Travelling many places in the world many times with Downbeat as an extra selector. Dj Short Mike over the years learned more and more now combined with Former Non Stop Promotions now Team Hitmatic & rocks out on Peoples City Radio doing quite well  so now you have the best of all worlds staying up with todays music and of course the foundation of all music you have one of the best most versatile dj/selectors in the biz right now THE CLUB ENFORCER DJ SHORT MIKE HITMATIK SOUND

Short Mike will come live from NYC every Friday 10pm to 3 am GMT