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Expect the unexpected  

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I’ve always had a massive love of music. Whilst growing up I heard most genres being played at home from Jazz, Heavy metal, Classical, Rock & Roll, Disco, Soul, Big brass bands, Folk, Country & Western the list is endless you get the jist. I wouldn’t know it at the time but this would later be an inspiration to my style of DJing and type of music I played

In the 80’s I carried on discovering new trends, movements such as the music from, Electronic, New Romantic’s, Goth, Psychobilly, Punk, Ska. Then into my teens I by good fortune discovered the sounds of Electro, Breakdance, Chicago House, Acid and Hip Hop. That I played at the Skate Board Park I owned and ran in York.

Which brings me to the point of how I started to become a DJ. Grandmaster Flash and Cut-Master Swift were and still are a massive influence in my early beginnings.

Throughout the 90’s I began to come upon more styles of music that were sampling Soul and Disco edits that produced some of the classic House Music sounds we love today. I started to DJ in a lot of fields at illegal raves and club nights all over the country. I was also guest resident DJ at Sugar Shack and ran a night called “Dinners in the Dog”

I’d say I’m now influenced by great DJ's like Soulwax, too many DJ’s and Chad Jackson, Chemical Brothers. They think out the box you don’t know what coming next their DJ sets make you want to move.

Music is like medicine to me it can cure most lows and yet give so many highs. DJing is Artistry in my eyes. It’s not just about playing one record and the next, it’s a skill you either have or don’t!

If I don’t feel anything from a track It won’t get played

I can DJ on any format. I’m still consistently searching for new music, new equipment and new skills as the scene continuously evolves and grows.

My love of music is what I put into my sets, I’m an eclectic DJ and play multi genre music.

Expect the unexpected

Lainey B PCR Fridays 6 till 7

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