Listeners all over the globe

Broadcasting across the world via the internet allows anyone from anywhere to listen.

100s of hours of live shows

With live shows of different genres everyday, People’s City Radio has something for everybody.

Taking over the world

We have no desire to take over the world, just bring you great music all of the time

What our listeners are saying

  • PCR is without doubt the only station worth listening to, not just weekend wannabes, 24/7
    Simon the pieman Suggit
  • This radio station is the best thing since sliced bread. A breath of fresh air
    Phillip Rowe
  • "I can't get enough of People's City Radio, I love it! I Love that there's no adds and the different types of music on every show, I get to hear genres of music I'm not familiar with and it brings a freshness to radio! From reggae to garage, People's City Radio has got it all going on!"
    Hayley Number 1 Fan Norton
  • "Mister B and Rider Jay have made my week, month and year bringing back People's City Radio. Big up to them, Tucker and all the DJs"
  • “I listen to People's City Radio from getting up to going to bed, in the bath, in the kitchen, even in bed, the wife loves it, the kids love. The guys and girls at People's City Radio have done it, it's a belter”
    Gary Dadovmany BrananBaldy