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Steve began his love of music back in the early 60s. When Steve was old enough to buy records himself his preference was Tamla Motown and Soul music from that era, the late 60s. His love grew for this music when he started going to the Northern Soul gigs and allnighters in the early 70s

In 1986 Steve moved to a club in Leeds called ‘Coconut Grove’. The venue was eventually bought out by a Wakefield DJ ‘Paul Lamont’. Paul had a meeting with Steve and asked him to do an audition for the newly named venue ‘The Gallery’. Steve did the audition and was successful in gaining the residency for the new venue. In 1988 Steve opened a record shop in the ‘Corn Exchange’ in Leeds called ‘The Listening Booth’. Steve was in good stead to fulfil the role of a Rave DJ with the music that he sold in his shop. After 3 years of packing in the crowds, the ‘The Gallery’ was voted 2nd best Rave venue in Europe by ‘Mixmag’ an international music magazine.

Steve still plays at venues in and around the UK, not only playing Rave, but also playing the music that he loved when he first started to DJ, Northern Soul. Steve has managed to re-collect most of the Northern Soul tunes that he originally had, and enjoys playing them out as much as he ever did. Steve is now one of the oldest mixing/club DJs in the UK at 64 years young, and is very proud of the fact too. He has spent 43 years of his life pleasing the crowds, who still support him wherever he plays.

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